Frequently Asked Questions

The simulation tool does not load and/or run.

The simulation relies on numerical integration via javascript. Make sure javascript is enabled in your browser.

Why does the simulation not work for my inputs?

Very small or large values in some of the input boxes may cause the numerical integration to fail. The plot will be missing some or all of the lines and the calculated values will display N/A. Try running the simulation with different inputs.

How accurate are the results?

That depends on how well the system model of this tool represents your system. For example, the simulation assumes that the waveform from the drive (with a short cable) approximately resembles a trapezoid. Also, the model may not accurately model high frequency effects if present in your system.

How do I determine the circuit model values for my system?

See the Simulation Details page for more information about the model and determining model values.

How is the numerical integration performed?

The simulation performs a numerical integration of the model using the Dormand-Prince RK method with an adaptive step size as implemented in the numericjs JavaScript library.


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